4 reasons not to buy or rent a franking machine for your mailings

(Posted on 10/02/16)

1. Purchase/rental cost

Buying a franking machine will cost you several hundred to several thousand pounds.  Renting a franking machine will cost anywhere between £15 and £500 a month.

2. Contract

You might be able to rent on a one year lease but many suppliers will encourage you to take a minimum of a three years.

3. Additional costs

There might be a servicing charge and you will need to buy consumables.

4. We post your items for less

For example (prices accurate 10/02/2016):

Format Stamp - 2nd class Franked - 2nd class Right Sort - 2nd class
Letter (100g or less) 54p 39p 37p

The above is for one letter only, our discounts improve sharply with increased numbers:

500 or more letters can cost as little as 28p each if sent through us.  4000 or more letters can cost as little as 19.5p each.  The franked 2nd class cost remains the same however many you send.

We can often carry out the entire job – addressing, inserting and posting the items for substantially less than it would cost you to dispatch it yourselves second class.

We would love to help you with your mailing, please contact Fiona or David on 01948 831000 to discuss options before you purchase or rent a franking machine.

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