4 Ways Custom Envelopes Can Benefit Your Direct Mail Campaigns

(Posted on 25/10/17)

4 Ways Custom Envelopes Can Benefit Your Direct Mail Campaigns

4 Ways Custom Envelopes Can Benefit Your Direct Mail Campaigns 

Prior to 1845 all envelopes were hand-made according to the size of the letter,(1) today billions of envelopes are manufactured every year worldwide and the potential for innovative envelope personalisation is always growing.

Customers live in an increasingly hectic world, bombarded by communications from both physical and digital means. Businesses have to maximise every opportunity to reach these customers, and the envelope is one overlooked opportunity. By creating custom envelopes for your business, you can take advantage of the often overlooked area of opportunity each envelope offers to raise the profile of your brand, increase mail response rates and improve direct mail ROI.

There are many ways to make your envelopes original, eye-catching and representative of your brand and business. The envelope makes the first impression, so making sure it stands out and is inviting.

  1. Make it look credible

Having your branding and logo on the envelope means it will instantly get recognised and acknowledged. If the envelope contains important documents, branded envelopes add credibility that reassures the customer you are a legitimate business. As a marketing tool, appearance counts for envelopes to maintain consistency with your brand identity.

  1. Speak directly to your customer

Custom envelopes also offer the perfect chance to communicate directly to each mail recipient before they have even seen the contents, by using basic customer information, such as their first name. Even the simplest personalized message (“Adam, we have a great offer for you!”) can make an impact. Research from Infotrends showed that around 84 percent of consumers are more likely to open a piece of mail if it’s personalised to them (2).

  1. Say it with colour

Colour envelopes can further distinguish your business and its mail. In the case of direct mail, a study revealed 69 percent of consumers are more likely to open an envelope adorned with colour text and graphics than a generic, bland mail piece. But, even transactional mail or standard business communications offer a great opportunity to customise your envelopes with rich, striking colours. Statistics show that stylish coloured envelopes are 9 times more likely to be opened (3). Choose coloured envelopes and make a great first impression. Remember, first impressions count.

  1. Use call-to-actions

The space on the envelope also gives you the opportunity to have call-to-actions such as Show clear call to action –the call to action should impel them to open the envelopes and read the letter. Also inject a sense of urgency so they read it immediately. You will be surprised with how “Read more inside…now!” or “Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer” can make a huge difference with your envelope marketing.


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