5 Benefits of Using a Mailing House

(Posted on 14/11/17)

5 Benefits of Using a Mailing House

A mailing house can be hugely beneficial to all kinds of businesses that conduct direct mail marketing or send out large volumes of transactional mail. As well as sending out mail, mailing houses can help you source your data, offer print services, advise on the most cost effective postage methods etc.   

In this article, we will explore how your business could benefit as a result of using a mailing house. 

1. Save Money

Outsourcing your direct mail (either marketing materials or transactional) can bring a number of opportunities to save money. For example there are cost savings on consumables like paper, envelopes etc. due to the economies of scale mailing houses are able to achieve. Many mailing houses have well established working relationships with printers, RightSort certainly do meaning they are able to get extremely completive prices which you benefit from. Mailing houses are also able to get substantial postal discounts. RightSort for example can: print your letter, supply the envelope, machine enclosing & post it for half the price of a 2nd Class stamp.

2. Save Time

As the old adage goes ‘time is money’, why spend time stuffing letters into envelopes when a mailing house has machinery that was built exactly for this purpose and can do tens of thousands per day. Also there is no need to spend hours designing your mail piece, ordering envelopes, sorting out the printing, most mailing houses will do this for you. Outsourcing the work means you have more time to spend on other areas of your business, safe in the knowledge that your mailing is being taken care of by experienced professionals.

3. More Accurate Data

The success (or failure) of any mailing campaign is hugely dependant on the quality of your data.  Mailing houses will have access to data checking tools and software which remove duplicates / deceased records and can also validate the accuracy of fields, e.g. customer titles and postcode follow the formats required. Software can also be used to accurately sort mail meaning the best postage options are available. This will increase your ROI, mean there is less waste and your mailings are better-targeted.  

4. Benefit From Experience

Using a mailing house means you have access to advice from experienced industry experts. Mailing house staff will be able to guide you through your campaign from start to finish to ensure it all goes smoothly. They will be able to offer advice on the best postal rates, help you obtain your data, design your mailing and provide advice on printing. RightSort have been providing mailing solutions for over 24 years this experience is invaluable when undertaking a mailing campaign.  

5. Stock Management

Mailing houses are able to manage stock for ongoing campaigns (brochures, letters, catalogues etc.). This means that you don’t have to arrange storage space. All your stock is managed in one location to avoid confusion. Then once your mailing is complete your mailing house will either return the overs, recycle them or even in some cases store them until the next campaign. 


RightSort have been providing mailing solutions for over 24 years. If you are interested in outsourcing your mailing or would just like some more information please conact us today on 01948 831000 or office@rightsort.com and we will be happy to help. 


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