(Posted on 02/02/17)


Here at RightSort we have provided mailing solutions for nearly 25 years. We are very experienced and handle jobs of all shapes and sizes including brochure, letter and flyer mailings with insertion in to envelope or poly. However in order to yield the greatest results from your marketing mailings there are some tips that we could recommend you follow.

Please read the below tips to ensure you achieve the highest return on investment on your mailing pieces as possible.  

1. Identify your target market: Aim to target your most responsive prospects. Mailing to an unplanned sample of names won’t get you the sales you want. Spend some time analysing your customers, what is their demographic? What are their other interests Use this information to define your most promising prospect and build your mailing data base accordingly. Data can be more targeted than ever, use this to your advantage.  

2. Your mailing is only as good as your data: Your data provider is your connection to the best lists available. So first, make sure you are working with a reliable data provider. Second, make sure you are mailing to lists that are up-to-date and carefully selected according to your criteria. Data can be extremely well profiled to ensure you are mailing to your target market, so make sure you use your data provider’s expertise.  Also to ensure you don’t waste money mailing to the same addresses ensure you check your mailing list for duplicates (we can do that here at Rightsort). If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask questions – especially if your mailing did not perform as expected. Make sure the problem wasn’t in the list.

3. Offers entice: There must be a reason why people should respond to your offer. If you just send a piece ofinformation about your product, and no special offer, there’s less incentive for them to respond at this time, even if they’re interested. But, if you are offering a special price, a two-for-one deal, a bonus gift, or some other special benefit, people are more likely to read your piece, and order.

4. Make your message personal: The more you can personalise your message, the more your prospects will feel that you are speaking directly to them –you understand their needs and offer solutions to their problems. Don’t talk about “people in general” refer to the prospect as ‘you’ where possible. If possible try to put their name in the piece.

5. Always indicate a ‘call to action’: It is vital the prospect knows exactly what to do next & when to do it by. You don’t want to have anything vague about your offer. By the time prospects finish reading your piece, they should know exactly what to do. Not only that, but they should have a sense of urgency to reply to your “limited time only” offer. So, make it clear what they should do (order this product, sign up for a free trial), how they should do it (call, e-mail, etc.), and when they should do it.

6. Use tracking mechanisms. How can you monitor a mailing campaigns success (or failure) if the appropriate tracking mechanisms are not in place?  A tracking mechanism must be built into your mailing plan. For example, you can put a code on each piece, on the order form perhaps, or on the mailing label itself. Then instruct your order processing staff or phone operators to make a note of the code for each order that comes in. Or perhaps use a dedicated phone number for sales enquiries from a certain mailing to track its success. Another way could be the use of an online discount code that the customer enters when placing an order online.

7. Always follow up. You want to welcome your customers with open arms so they’ll have a pleasant experience and want to order again in the future. So, prepare yourself to be able to respond as quickly as possible to orders or requests for information. You’ve done the hard part, targeted the right prospect, and enticed responses now prove how good your product/service is. 


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