Direct mail or email?

(Posted on 27/01/16)

Direct mail took a bit of a beating when email marketing became an easy medium of choice a few years ago. However, direct mail is fighting back strongly as businesses recognise the disadvantages with email marketing and appreciate the response rates possible with a good and well targeted direct mail campaign.

According to the Advertising Association and Warc (in figures released on July 28th 2015) direct mail spend is likely to break through the £2bn mark for at least the next two years and will remain third behind online and TV in terms of budget.

How the figures stack up (2013 - source:


Average open rate - 19.6%

Resulting web page visit - 3%

Average response rate - 0.12%

Direct mail

Average open rate - 82% (fast.MAP Annual Marketing GAP Tracker 2014)

Resulting web page visit - 44%

Average response rate - 4%

So direct mail has an average response rate 30 times greater than email and is still seen as a very effective means of communication especially at a time when our email inboxes are bombarded by sales and marketing emails that we often delete without even a close look.  People like the physical nature of mail and DMA statistics indicate that we trust this means more than email.  The popularity of direct mail is shown in the spend figures outlined above and reflects the number of businesses using and returning to direct mail.

But it doesn’t have to be either/or - many organisations today are using both direct mail and email to market their goods and services.  This blended approach allows them to benefit from the advantages of both mediums.

The cost of a direct mail campaign might well surprise you because of the heavy postage discounts available and The Right Sort Mailing Company’s competitive pricing.  Please contact us on 01948 831000 or send a message if you have any questions about direct mail or would like to receive a quote and we will be delighted to discuss this with you.


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