Direct Mail over Email?

(Posted on 16/01/17)

Direct Mail over Email?

There is no doubt the invention of email has hugely benefited our lives, both personally and for businesses. However when it comes to marketing would you be better off undertaking a direct mail campaign rather than email?

The below statistics certainly suggest so:

69% will open a letter from a company about a promotion or special offer

60% will open mail if it’s form a company or product that they don’t currently have

43% of those opened mail pieces lead to some kind of interaction

56% of people believe that printed marketing is the is the most trustworthy

Direct mail conveys sentiment and emotion, your marketing piece, catalogue or letter has a physical and tangible presence in the receiver’s hand. Something that is lacking with an email. This makes people react. Direct mail gets 44% of recipients to go your website. Average response rates are 4%. Overall 7% of receivers will take some sort of action. Direct mail has a response rate of 30 times that of e-mail.

Data providers are able to provide extremely reliable data and your options concerning demographics, segmentation & an endless list of variables helps you mail to your target market more efficiently than ever.

Let’s face it we would all be a little bit disappointed if we received an email rather than the traditional letter from the Queen on our 100th birthday...  

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