The Benefits of Royal Mail Mailmark

(Posted on 09/06/16)

The Benefits of Royal Mail Mailmark

Mailmark is Royal Mail's new barcode technology. We add the barcode which allows Royal Mail to track your mailing as it moves through their sorting and delivery process.

Mailmark has the following benefits:

1. Information

This is accessed via an online dashboard and includes the following:

- Where your mail is and when it's going out for delivery

- Accurate predictions of mail landing which can allow you to best organise your contact and marketing teams

- Custom reporting so that you can see the status of your mail and the quality of your address data

2. Cost

Mailmark is the most cost effective way of sending bulk mail. Royal Mail want businesses to use the service and so offer good postage discounts.

3. Tracking

Along with the delivery information above, you can use the barcode to track returns and take up of promotional offers etc. This will help you to keep your database clean and will allow for greater targeting and personalisation with future mailings.

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