How to organise a successful direct mail marketing campaign

(Posted on 24/05/16)

Direct mail marketing is a very effective means of drumming up new customers and sales and is an integral part of the marketing strategy of many businesses and non-profit organisations. As with all things, planning and organisation is key.

Top tips to ensure that your mailing has the best chance of success and a good response:

1. Mailing list.

The quality of the mailing list is clearly critical to the response that you will get. Sending a mailing to your own in-house database should bring the highest response rates. If you need to buy data you will have to work out precisely what your target audience looks like – the type of person or business that buys from you, etc. You should consider the demographic profile of your typical customer to make your mailing as relevant as possible to the people who will receive it. Don’t use an old or very out of date list – B2B data can decay by as much as 20 - 25% per year! If buying a list, select your supplier very carefully. Data quality can vary greatly, we can advise with this.

2. Mailing piece.

Choose your method of communication carefully depending on the audience it is intended for. A well written, personalised sales letter with a strong call to action is very effective, particularly for business recipients. Postcards and flyers tend to work very well with B2C products and services. Brochures, with a good coversheet in poly, work well for both B2B and B2C. If your mailing piece is a letter, it needs to capture the attention of the recipient very quickly, they will usually only read the first few lines before deciding whether to continue or not.

3. Use the services of a mailing house like us.

We can advise on the best postage discounts available and have the experience, people and equipment necessary to fulfil the task efficiently and accurately. We can often carry out the printing, insertion, supply the paper and envelopes and post the items all for less than the cost of a second class stamp so it is usually a false economy for businesses to try to do this themselves in-house.

4. Delivery.

Time the landing of your mailing for maximum effect. Mondays and Fridays should be avoided!

5. Measure response.

This is extremely important, your mailing shouldn’t be fire and forget. You need to understand how many respond, who they are, what they request and conversions to sales. ROI should be measured and lessons learned on how to improve/refine the target audience, data or communication elements for subsequent mailings.

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