Royal Mail Direct Marketing Mail Postage Options

(Posted on 28/09/16)

Royal Mail Direct Marketing Mail Postage Options

Royal Mail offer a range of delivery services and postage discounts depending on the number of items being sent, the size of the card, envelope or poly and the quality of the data.

This can make it hard for us to quote accurately for postage without running your data through our system so we tend to quote on the worst case price and often surprise our customers with a much reduced price once it has been through our sorting software. We pass on all of the Royal Mail discount.

To try and demystify the complicated pricing options hopefully the following will help if you are considering a direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Low Sort (the mailing is pre-sorted by us so generating the best Royal Mail discounts)

Delivery: 1st Class (next working day), 2nd Class (within 2 working days after day on posting) and Economy (up to 4 working days).

2. High Sort (still discounts but not as good as Low Sort)

Delivery: 1st Class, 2nd Class and Economy.

3. Non-sorted (we can still achieve some discount but not as much as the above two options)

Delivery: the mailing can go out either Business Mail 1st Class or Business Mail 2nd Class.

Further discounts could be available under the Royal Mail First Time Users scheme.

Please contact us for a postage quote specific to your requirements, we think that you will be pleasantly surprised, particularly as we pass on all of the discount to you.

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